Home Make Up How To Apply Fake Nails For A Perfect Home Manicure

How To Apply Fake Nails For A Perfect Home Manicure

How To Apply Fake Nails For A Perfect Home Manicure
How To Apply Fake Nails For A Perfect Home Manicure

How To Apply Fake Nails At Home To Create A Professional Manicured Look

There are so many different styles of fake nails available today that you can create your own perfectly manicured look at home. So long as you use your nails cautiously, following the guidelines from the brand, and you do not try and remove them with no absolutely soaking them in nail polish remover to soften them, you’ll not damage your own nails – they may be able to even grow whilst the fake nails are on as they’re going to defend your normal nails from breakage.

How To Apply Fake Nails

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  • Check that you have both nails and glue in the pack that you have bought – some nail packs do not have glue included and you can buy this separately. Be very cautious with the glue – it has the strength and stickiness of superglue.
  • Go through the nail pack and lay out the nails in order for each hand which match in size to your natural nails for each finger. Ideally, spread out some kitchen-towel on a table top and lay the nails down on these – preparation for when the glue is involved so that it doesn’t damage your table surface.
  • Make sure your own nails are clean, oil free, the cuticles are tidy and pushed back and ideally your nails will be filed short and neat.
  • Starting with your left hand if you are right handed and vice versa, start applying the fake nails by starting with the thumb of the hand.

    Applying the fake nails
    Applying the fake nails
  • Pick up the nail using the tip (some fake nails have small tabs on the tip to hold them with which can be filed off once applied) and apply the nail glue evenly over the surface of the nail which is to be attached to your own nail.
  • Place the fake nail cautiously over your own – remember the glue is very strong so try and position it exactly where you want it, as close to your cuticle as possible, without sticking the nail onto your skin.

    The most beautiful fake nails
    The most beautiful fake nails
  • Carefully and gently press down on the nail to remove any air bubbles – the better the nail fits the less likely you are to get air bubbles under the fake nail.
  • The glue will take hold almost immediately, and once you have completed the first nail, continue along to your little finger, and then do the same with your other hand. Your second hand may be more difficult, and it may be useful to have a friend available if you are not confident, but generally it’s quite easy to do both hands yourself.
  • If you had tabs on your nails now is the time to file them away and then admire your handiwork.

    Fake Nails
    Fake Nails

I particularly like the air brushed French Polish style nails that you can easily get hold of in stores such as Boots, Superdrug etc, but there are lots of other styles that are available such as nails that have been pre-coloured in your favourite nail polish shades (believe me the dark shades chip much less than dark polish on your natural nails), or nails which are decorated in lots of amazing styles – some even with built in sparkle.

Removing Fake Nails At Home

This is where you need to be very careful not to force the fake nails away from your own natural nails as you can cause damage to the nail bed or just weaken your nails and/or damage the surface of them which looks unsightly. The best way is to use nail-polish remover which contains acetone.

Remove fake nails with acetone-min
Remove fake nails with acetone

Pour this into a small bowl and soak your nails in the acetone remover for around 10 minutes. The fake nail will become soft and pliable and should easily come away from your natural nail. Do not pull or force the nail as this is just asking for trouble. If you have any doubts at all about removing your fake nails go and visit a professional beautician who will do it for you – and you can get a manicure for your natural nails at the same time.


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